Below is the most commonly asked FAQ’s pertaining to local live crawfish sales! We hope this quick “reference guide” regarding local live crawfish sales will help you make an educated buying decision!! Please direct further order related questions to: [email protected] or call Bret directly at 337-781-2611.

Bailey’s Seafood Haulers hopes that our answers to these most frequently asked questions pertaining to our business will help you in selecting a “reputable” live crawfish vendor and ensure a great boil –even if this is your first time!


These are questions we are asked the most often.

We are located near Ambassador Caffery and Hwy 90 in Broussard. 101 Sugarland Dr. 

Yes! We do both wholesale and retail (public). We can also deliver at a smaller additional charge. 

Crawfish season typically runs from November-July. You usually see the biggest and best crawfish in the months of March, April & May. 

Nothing as far as what we know except for whether you live in the south or in the north! I.E. COKE = any soft drink in the south whereas a POP = any soft drink in the north!! It’s the same thing, just two different names!

It can range per person and how much they love to eat Crawfish. Typically we say to plan for anywhere between 3-5 pounds per person. 

We order live crawfish when YOU order, thus our LIVE crawfish make it to you just the way you paid for: alive! 

No, we don’t. We only sell live. The best part of enjoying crawfish is the actual boil itself. If you need some tips or tricks on how to boil crawfish feel free to ask. 

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